PA: Too close to call by Mercyhurst College

Pennsylvania presidential race:
Trump voters who are most enthusiastic to vote in the 2016 presidential election, 51% say they will vote for Donald Trump and 47% for Hillary Clinton.
President Barack Hussein Obama job approval: 48/50
Senate: Too close to call Toomey 43/42
Hillary Clinton: 42%
Donald Trump: 41%
Gary Johnson: 4%

NY: Hillary Clinton has a strong lead by NBC/WSJ/Marist

New York presidential race:
Clinton receives the support of most of her Democratic base, 92%. While 83% of Republican likely voters back Trump, one in ten members of New York’s GOP, 10%, are for Clinton. Among independents, Clinton garners the support of a plurality of voters, 42% to 37% for Trump. A notable 14% do not support either Clinton or Trump.
Senate: Chuck Schumer has a strong lead: 70/24
President Barack Obama job approval: 53/46
Hillary Clinton: 52%
Donald Trump: 31%
Gary Johnson: 07%

PA: Too close to call by Harper

Pennsylvania presidential race:
Geographically, Trump has a lead in the Northern Tier (29-55%), South Central (29-57%) and Scranton/Lehigh Valley regions (42-50%) while Clinton leads in Philadelphia/Southeast (60-28%). The race is tight in Pittsburgh/Southwest (47-44%).
Senate: Too close to call McGinty 46/45/06
Hillary Clinton favorability: 44/52
Donald Trump favorability: 46/50
Hillary Clinton: 45%
Donald Trump: 43%
Gary Johnson: 08%