National: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in a dead heat by PPD

The People’s Pundit Daily U.S. Presidential Election Daily Tracking Poll began on July 3, 2016 and will run until the presidential election in November, with updates posted by 12:00 noon EST. More details about the poll–including the questionnaire–under Methodology below the polling table.

Donald Trump: 41.8%
Hillary Clinton: 41.2%
Gary Johnson: 07.6%
Jill Stein: 03.9%


National: Hillary Clinton has a modest lead by CNN

National presidential race:
CNN is back to the right PID -D+5- so I decide to count this poll even that I am sure Trump will win Independents, Mens and Whites by larger margins and will have a stronger party support as Clinton and if you change it with the CNN PID you get a close race as all the tracking pollsters already showing it!

86% of voters are not changing their minds
66% of Clinton voters are voting for Clinton, not against the opponent
60% of Trump voters are voting for Trump, not against the opponent
Clinton favorables: 46/52 (-6)
Bill Clinton favorables: 49/48 (+1)
Trump favorables: 41/57 (-16)
Melania favorables: 46/35 (+11)
Economy: 51/47 Trump
Terrorism: 50/48 Clinton
Immigration: 50/47 Clinton
Foreign policy: 59/38 Clinton
SCOTUS: 51/46 Clinton
Decisive leader: 48/46 Clinton
Temperament: 61/32 Clinton
CiC responsibility: 55/40 Clinton
Honesty: 43/42 Trump
A person you admire: 42/29 Clinton
Vision for the future: 49/42 Clinton
Won the debates: 61/29 Clinton
Will stand up for you: 49/44 Clinton
The emails: 64/35 think it is an issue
Trump sexual assault: 60/36 think it is an issue

Party ID: 31D/26R/43I (D+5)

Men: Trump +3
Women: Clinton +13
White: Trump +13
Nonwhite: Clinton +52
White college: Clinton +11
White non-college: Trump +29

Northeast: Clinton +20
Midwest: Clinton +7
South: Trump +8
West: Clinton +11

Clinton 89%
Trump 6%
Stein 1%
Johnson 0%

Trump 89%
Clinton 6%
Johnson 2%
Stein 1%

Trump 43%
Clinton 41%
Johnson 8%
Stein 3%

Midwest: Clinton +7
Northeast: Clinton +20
South: Trump +8
West: Clinton +11

urban: Clinton +38
suburban: Trump +1
rural: Trump +25

Hillary Clinton: 49%
Donald Trump: 44%
Gary Johnson: 03%
Jill Stein: 02%


AR: Donald Trump has a strong lead by TB&P

Arkansas presidential race:

52% Republican Senator John Boozman
34% Democrat Conner Eldridge
4% Libertarian Frank Gilbert
2% Other
8% Undecided

32.5% Democrat Hillary Clinton
56% Republican Donald J. Trump
3.5% Libertarian Gary Johnson
2% Green Party candidate Jill Stein
1% Other
5% Undecided


Trump, Boozman maintain big leads in Arkansas

NC: Hillary Clinton has a modest lead by PPP

North Carolina presidential race:
President Barack H. Obama job approval: 49/47
Hillary Clinton favorability: 43/52
Donald Trump favorability: 39/56
Governor: Too close to call with Cooper ahead 46/44/03
Senate: Too close to call with Burr ahead 42/41/06

Trump and Clinton tied among Independents 40/39

Hillary Clinton: 47%
Donald Trump: 44%
Gary Johnson: 04%


NV: Hillary Clinton has a modest lead by Rasmussen

Nevada presidential race:
Support for both candidates fell across largely the same demographic lines as previous polls; Clinton won a majority of support from female voters, college graduates and minority voters, while Trump saw more support from men, married voters and high school graduates.
Hillary Clinton favorability: 44/54
Donald Trump favorability: 42/58

Hillary Clinton: 46%
Donald Trump: 42%
Gary Johnson: 05%