National: Biden; Sanders and Clinton are frontrunners for 2020 by LA times

2020 National Democratic Primary:
Biden 28%
Sanders 22%
Clinton 19%
Warren 11%
Harris 05%
Joe Kennedy 04%
Booker 03%
Gillibrand 02%
Klobuchar 01%
Tim Ryan 01%
Someone Else 04%

President Donald Trump job approval:
DEM: 14/86
GOP: 84/16
IND: 45/55

Overall: 46.7/53.3



National: DACA not worth a shutdown, except to Democrats and voters split about President Trump by CNN

If the federal government shuts down, do you think that Donald Trump, the Republicans in Congress or the Democrats in Congress would be most responsible for that?
President Trump: D:29%   R:08%   I:21%   Overall: 19.5%
Republicans: D:43%   R:09%   I:23%   Overall: 25.5%
Democrats: D:12%   R:62%   I:29%   Overall: 33.8%

Which is more important avoiding a shutdown or continuing DACA?
DEM: 42/49
GOP: 75/12
IND: 57/34

Overall: 57.5/32.1

President Donald Trump job approval on immigration:
DEM: 7/93
GOP: 86/14
IND: 39/52

Overall: 43.0/54.2
President Donald Trump job approval:
DEM: 08/92
GOP: 91/09
IND: 49/51

Overall: 48.1/51.9


National: Voters strongly approve with President Trump on economy, terrorism, veterans but overall divided by YouGov

President Donald Trump job approval on the economy:
DEM: 20/68
GOP: 87/07
IND: 47/34

Overall: 50.5/37.3

President Donald Trump job approval on foreign policy:
DEM: 13/76
GOP: 80/13
IND: 37/43

Overall: 42.6/44.9

President Donald Trump joba approval on immigration:
DEM: 13/83
GOP: 83/13
IND: 40/46

Overall: 44.5/48.4

President Donald Trump job approval on taxes:
DEM: 13/77
GOP: 82/10
IND: 40/39

Overall: 44.1/43.1

President Donald Trump job approval on terrorism:
DEM: 22/66
GOP: 87/06
IND: 44/34

Overall: 50.3/36.2

President Trump job approval on veterans:
DEM: 22/60
GOP: 79/09
IND: 40/32

Overall: 46.4/34.4

President Donald Trump job approval:
DEM: 14/86
GOP: 83/17
IND: 53/47

Overall: 48.9/51.1

President Trump asserts support for LGBT equality in Log Cabin letter

“We are equal in the eyes of our Creator,” Trump writes. “And we our equal under our Constitution. No matter the color of our skin or our sexual orientation, we all live under the same laws, salute the same great American flag and are made in the image of the same Almighty God.”

Despite a first year of an administration marked by anti-LGBT policies, President Trump expressed support equality for LGBT people in a letter recently unveiled by Log Cabin Republicans.

The letter, dated Dec. 21 and made public this week by the LGBT Republican group, is signed by Trump and congratulates the organization on its 40th anniversary.

Trump states the letter the United States is built on the principles of equality, explicitly mentioning sexual orientation. (Any mention of transgender people is absent from the letter.)

Trump says in the letter first lady Melania Trump joins him in “sending our best wishes during this special milestone.”

The letter is similar to an earlier missive Republican National Committee Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel sent to Log Cabincongratulating the organization on its 40th anniversary.

Gregory Angelo, president of Log Cabin Republicans, said the publication of the letter was delayed because it wasn’t obtained until Jan. 2 and then required permission from the White House to make public.

“The president’s letter — together with the letter RNC Chairwoman McDaniel issued to Log Cabin Republicans late last year — is tangible evidence of a GOP that is moving toward greater inclusion and support for the LGBT community,” Angelo added.

Despite Trump’s claim he supports equality, an erosion of LGBT rights has marked his tenure in office as the one-year anniversary of his administration approaches.

Among Trump’s anti-LGBT attacks: An attempted ban on transgender military service; a rollback of LGBT civil rights protections at the Justice Department; sending an attorney to a federal court in New York to argue firing people for being gay is perfectly legal; and new “religious freedom” guidance that essentially green lights the denial of services to LGBT people.

Lucas Acosta, director of LGBTQ media for the Democratic National Committee, said in a statement the letters demonstrates Trump “says one thing yet does another” on LGBT rights.

“Too many LGBTQ Americans are denied the full equality they deserve and despite their promises, the Trump administration is determined on rolling back progress,” Acosta said. “The Democratic Party will continue to fight these efforts to erode the rights of LGBTQ people and work to expand their freedom to work, live, and love.”


U.S. Jobless Claims Plunge to Lowest Weekly Tally Since 1973

U.S. filings for unemployment benefits plummeted to the lowest level in almost 45 years in a sign the job market will tighten further in 2018, Labor Department figures showed Thursday.

The drop in claims shows that companies are increasingly holding on to their employees amid a shortage of skilled labor. Businesses are struggling to find workers to fill positions, particularly in manufacturing and construction, as cited in some anecdotes for the Federal Reserve’s Beige Book released Wednesday.

The figures suggest the unemployment rate of 4.1 percent, already the lowest since 2000, could be poised to decline further. The latest week for claims includes the 12th of the month, which is the reference period for the Labor Department’s monthly employment surveys.

National: President Trump has a positive job approval; met expectations and voters approve on ISIS, trade and economy by Marist

Overall, has Donald Trump met your expectations, exceeded your expectations,or fallen below your expectations?
Exceeded    met Expectations  fallenbelow
DEM: 04%              19%                         71%        GOP: 28%               51%                         18%
IND: 16%                36%                         44%

Overall: 15.9          34.8%                     45.1%

Would you describe President Trump’s 1st year as a success or as a failure?
DEM: 07/87
GOP: 87/09
IND: 41/50

Overall: 43.9/49.7

President Trump’s first year in office, do you approve or disapprove of his handling of:

DEM: 11/89
GOP: 86/14
IND: 40/56

Overall: 44.7/54.0

DEM: 18/64
GOP: 85/09
IND: 54/34

Overall: 51.3/36.5

DEM: 11/74
GOP: 78/10
IND: 47/41

Overall: 44.3/42.6

DEM: 21/30
GOP: 81/04
IND: 47/17

Overall: 51.3/17.3

President Donald Trumps job approval:
DEM: 14/86
GOP: 92/08
IND: 49/51

Overall: 50.6/49.4