President Trump will nominate Jon Huntsman as US ambassador in Russia

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. President Donald Trump will nominate Jon Huntsman, an envoy to China under former Democratic President Barack Obama, as U.S. ambassador to Russia in an announcement expected later on Tuesday, a White House official said.

The job, all the more high-profile because of allegations that Russia intervened in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, requires confirmation by the U.S. Senate.

National: Voters split about President Trump; Trump trails Biden and Sanders, tied Clinton, Booker and Warren and leads Harris for 2020 by PPP

President Donald Trump favorability:

DEM: 14/82
GOP: 79/18
IND: 39/54

Overall: 43.2/52.2


Approval of President Donald Trump:
DEM: 13/83
GOP: 81/16
IND: 41/54

Overall: 44.1/51.9


Donald Trump against Hillary Clinton:
DEM: 11/83
GOP: 82/10
IND: 43/43

Overall: 44.4/46.5


Donald Trump against Joe Biden:
DEM: 09/87
GOP: 80/14
IND: 38/50

Overall: 41.4/51.4


Donald Trump against Cory Booker:
DEM: 09/75
GOP: 80/12
IND: 41/38

Overall: 42.4/42.7


Donald Trump against Kamala Harris:
DEM: 10/71
GOP: 80/06
IND: 41/33

Overall: 42.7/37.7


Donald Trump against Bernie Sanders:
DEM: 09/83
GOP: 82/09
IND: 38/51

Overall: 42.1/48.7


Donald Trump against Elizabeth Warren:
DEM: 10/79
GOP: 85/12
IND: 42/44

Overall: 44.7/46.0


National: President Trump has a slightly negative job approval but soars while the First Lady is very popular by FOX

51% of voters view Melania Trump favorably while only 28% view her negativelyThat’s up 14 points since December and up 16 points from the first time the Fox News Poll asked about her last summer. At that time, 35% viewed the wife of the controversial candidate favorably and 40% unfavorably!
President Donald Trump’s personal ratings are also up — a bit: 47% of voters have a favorable opinion of him. It was 44% in March and 38% just before November’s election. His current rating matches a previous high set in December 2016.
Vice President Mike Pence gets net positive marks: 47% favorable vs. 42% unfavorable.
House Speaker Paul Ryan (37% favorable vs. 45% unfavorable), House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (33-50%),
Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (26-35%) and
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (25-41%) rate lower than the President, First Lady and the Vice President.
President Donald Trumps job approval:
DEM: 08/89
GOP: 85/09
IND: 40/45
Overall: 43.3/48.9

President Trump to celebrate&honor Bastille Day and 100yrs since entry in World War I, in France

Présidente Emanuel Macron and President Donald Trump

NC: Voters split about President Trumps job approval, strongly disapprove with Tillis job performance and his re-election bid would be a toss-up by PPP

If the election for US Senate were held today he race would be a toss-up again for Thom Tillis against an unknown challenger:
DEM: 17/76
GOP: 84/09
IND: 38/49
Overall: 45.4/45.6
Senator Tillis job approval:
DEM: 14/67
GOP: 55/18
IND: 24/50
Overall: 30.4/45.7
President Donald Trump job approval:
DEM: 19/76
GOP: 83/10
IND: 44/54