NV: VT Senator Bernie Sanders has a solid lead over MN Senator Amy Klobuchar, former IN Mayor Pete Buttigieg, former VP Joe Biden & former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg by ASI

Nevada Democratic Primary:

According to Nathaniel Kucsma, executive director of research and corporate marketing at ASI, Sanders’ support is strong among women from ages 18 to 34, and among men ages 18 to 64, with significantly high scores among males ages 25 to 34. Klobuchar did well among women over 65, and Buttigieg with women from 55 to 64.

Bernie Sanders: 28.9%
Amy Klobuchar: 20.5%
Pete Buttigieg: 20.3%
Joe Biden: 11.7%
Michael Bloomberg: 10%
Elizabeth Warren: 06.7%




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