NY: Trump ahead but winner take all uncertain by Political Machination

NY: GOP Primary poll:
It’s important to understand the rules of delegate allocation in New York (fun, right?). In New York there are 14 delegates awarded at a statewide level, 11 of which are truly at-large and 3 that come from the RNC, but would behave as at-large delegates at the convention. 81 delegates are awarded at a congressional district level (3 from each of its 27 districts). The statewide delegates are awarded proportionally among candidates who meet the 20% vote threshold, unless a candidate receives more than 50% of the total vote, in which case that candidate would win all 11 delegates. It’s a similar story when looking at the delegates awarded on a congressional district level: the first place finisher goes home with two delegates and second place with one, unless someone (yes, Trump) hits 50%, and then is given all three!
Donald Trump 49%
John Kasich 24%
Ted Cruz 14%

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