NC: Senator Tillis has a solid lead over Cunningham; Dan Forest has a slim lead over Gov Cooper; President Trump has a solid lead over Joe Biden by CPA

North Carolina Senate race 2020:

Senator Thom Tillis. Democrat Cal Cunningham:
DEM: 19.7/77.4/02.9
GOP: 84.0/13.5/02.5
IND: 44.6/39.9/03.3

Overall: 49.1/43.9/02.9 Tillis

Gubernatorial race 2020: Governor Roy Cooper vs. Republican Dan Forest:
DEM: 77.7/20.9/01.4
GOP: 79.9/19.6/00.5
IND: 40.3/48.8/02.8

Overall: 49.6/46.2/01.6 Forest

President Donald Trump vs. former VP Joe Biden:
DEM: 23.9/75.1
GOP: 81.6/17.5
IND: 52.4/40.5

Overall: 52.3/44.6 Trump


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