NC: VT Senator Bernie Sanders is in a dead heat with former VP Joe Biden & former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg but with a strong lead over MA Senator Elizabeth Warren by Meredith

North Carolina Democratic Primary poll:

Of the leading candidates, Joe Biden is a strong choice among African American voters with almost twice the support given to Bernie Sanders. Sanders, on the other hand, is the overwhelming choice among the youngest voters. Not only are the three within the poll’s margin of error (3%), almost one-third of North Carolina Democratic voters (31.2%) indicate that they are not 100 percent sure that they will vote for their preferred candidate on Election Day. There is more certainty among North Carolina Democrats about their nominee for U.S. Senate and governor. In the race for the senate nomination Cal Cunningham has an almost 30-point lead over Erica Smith (43.4% v. 13.8%). Cunningham outperforms Smith among all demographic groups, except for Generation Z voters. Even the 25 percent of voters who are unsure of who they will vote for does not give Smith much hope for defeating Cunningham. In the race for the Democratic nomination for governor, incumbent Roy Cooper appears to be safe in continuing his reelection bid. Cooper is the preference for almost two-thirds of likely Democratic voters (65.1%), while Ernest Reeves is the preferred candidate for only 5.1 percent of voters.

Bernie Sanders 20%
Joe Biden 18%
Michael Bloomberg 17%
Elizabeth Warren 11%
Pete Buttigieg 10%
Amy Klobuchar 04%
Tulsi Gabbard 01%

President Donald Trump job approval in North Carolina: 52.3/47.7

Click to access Final_Meredith_College_Poll_Report_February_2020.pdf


Click to access Final_Meredith_College_Poll_Report_February_2020.pdf


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