NC: VT Senator Bernie Sanders is in a dead heat with former VP Joe Biden but has a strong lead over Michael Bloomberg & MA Senator Elizabeth Warren by Data for progress

North Carolina Democratic Primary poll:

Senator Bernie Sanders maintains a lead in North Carolina, which is casting their ballot on Super Tuesday, March 3rd. Sanders’ margin in North Carolina is smaller at 2 points, but given that this was a state which he lost by fourteen points in 2016, this is still a results the Sanders camp would be happy with. Sanders, Biden and Bloomberg are the only candidates to cross the 15% delegate threshold, and all three are on track to get delegates in both of these states. Senator Elizabeth Warren and former Mayor Pete Buttigieg both miss delegates by a fairly narrow margin.


Bernie Sanders – 27%
Joe Biden – 25%
Michael Bloomberg – 18%
Elizabeth Warren – 11%
Pete Buttigieg – 10%
Amy Klobuchar – 06%
Tulsi Gabbard – 01%


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