VT: VT Senator Bernie Sanders has a wide lead over former IN Mayor Pete Buttigieg; Governor Phil Scott has a wide lead over Democrat Davide Zuckerman & Rebecca Holcombe by VPR-PBS

Vermont Democratic Primary:

If the presidential primary election were held today, which candidate would you support? What about the governor’s race? Would you favor or oppose state taxes to reduce carbon emissions? Is it a problem Vermont has never elected a woman to Congress? The VPRVermont PBS 2020 Poll asked hundreds of Vermonters these questions and more. Find out where your neighborsstand on the candidates and the issues.

Bernie Sanders 51%
Pete Buttigieg 13%
Elizabeth Warren 09%
Michael Bloomberg 07%
Joe Biden 05%
Amy Klobuchar 04%
Governor race 2020:
Governor Phil Scott: 52%
Democrat David Zuckerman: 29%

Governor Phil Scott: 55%
Democrat Rebecca Holcombe: 20%

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