NH: Former IN Mayor Pete Buttigieg has a small lead over VT Senator Bernie Sanders and a strong lead over MA Senator Elizabeth Warren & former VP Joe Biden by Boston Globe

New Hampshire Democratic Primary poll: This latest poll, the fifth of seven that the Suffolk University Political Research Center is conducting in the run-up to the nation’s first primary on Tuesday, was concluded Friday night while seven candidates participated in perhaps the race’s most crucial debate, one that could further shake up the rankings.

Pete Buttigieg – 25.0% (+2)
Bernie Sanders – 23.8% (nc)
Elizabeth Warren – 14.2% (+1)
Joe Biden – 10.6% (nc)
Amy Klobuchar 06.0% (nc)
Andrew Yang 03.2% (nc)
Tom Steyer 02.4% (-1)
Tulsi Gabbard 03.0% (-1)
Michael Bennet 00.8%
Deval Patrick 00.4%




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