IA: Former VP Joe Biden and VT Senator Bernie Sanders tied and with solid leads over former Mayor Pete Buttigieg, MA Senator Elizabeth Warren and MN Senator Amy Klobuchar by Monmouth University

Iowa Democratic Caucus:

The poll asked caucusgoers to name a candidate they have in mind as a second choice. When these are combined with initial preferences, Biden (39%), Warren (34%), Sanders (32%), and Buttigieg (29%) are bunched together. They are trailed by Klobuchar (22%), Steyer (10%), and Yang (7%) as either a first or second choice. These numbers have not changed much since earlier this month.
A key factor in how these second choices will play out, though, is determined by whose supporters will need to realign if their first choice does not reach the 15% viability threshold for convention delegates. If Klobuchar and Yang remain viable in some precincts, the race remains tight. A hypothetical six candidate field puts the race at

Joe Biden 22%
Bernie Sanders 22%
Pete Buttigieg 17%
Elizabeth Warren 16%
Amy Klobuchar 12%
Andrew Yang 05%
Tom Steyer 04%
iowa poll

Dem Caucuses Could Be a Five-Way Contest


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