National: Former VP Joe Biden has a solid lead over MA Senator Elizabeth Warren & VT Senator Bernie Sanders; President Trump trails Biden & Bloomberg but leads Buttigieg, Sanders & Warren by IBD/TIPP

Former Vice President Joe Biden holds a steady, though hardly comfortable lead in the Democratic nomination battle, the January IBD/TIPP Poll finds. Yet Biden’s biggest selling point since he entered the race — his electability vs. President Donald Trump — is at its lowest ebb of the 2020 election. Meanwhile, left wing support remains divided, with Elizabeth Warren overtaking Bernie Sanders for second place.

National Democratic Primary:
Joe Biden 26%
Elizabeth Warren 20%
Bernie Sanders 15%
Pete Buttigieg 09%
Michael Bloomberg 07%

In head-to-head general election polling, each of the top five Democratic candidates — with the exception of Elizabeth Warren — held slight edges over President Trump. But their leads were well within the margin of error.

Joe Biden (48%-46%) and Bloomberg (47%-45%), both led President Trump by 2 points, while Bernie Sanders (48%-47%) and Pete Buttigieg (47%-46%) led by one. Trump edged Warren (47%-46%).

Biden’s lead over Trump is within the margin of error for the first time, after shrinking from 13% in August to 5% in December.



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