TX: President Donald Trump has a solid lead over former Vice President Joe Biden and a strong lead over MA Senator Elizabeth Warren by Democratic Policy Institute/Beacon Research

This memorandum reports on a total of 1,601 interviews with Texas registered voters conducted November 9 – 21, 2019, utilizing a mixed phone and online methodology to draw a demographically and regionally representative sample of registered voters across the state. Split sampling was utilized and the sample size for each question is 1,000, unless otherwise noted, producing a margin of error of ± 3-points.

President Donald Trump is a highly polarizing figure in Texas—equal numbers of voters have favorable (49%) and unfavorable views of him (49%). Fully 40% have very unfavorable opinions of him, while 32% are very favorable.

President Donald Trump vs. former VP Joe Biden:
DEM: 13/87
GOP: 89/11
IND: 38/36

Overall: 49.6/42.3 Trump

President Donald Trump vs MA Senator Elizabeth Warren:
DEM: 15/85
GOP: 92/08
IND: 40/34

Overall: 52.0/39.9 Trump




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