National: Former Vice President Joe Biden has retaken the lead as MA Senator Elizabeth Warren’s numbers have plummeted, IN Mayor Pete Buttigiegs rises & voters oppose impeachment process by Quinnipiac

National Democratic Primary: “Biden is back on top of the pack but now there is a 3-way race for second. Buttigieg has broken into the top tier, apparently at the expense of Warren, who has taken a dive after being hammered for being too far left on health care and other issues,” said Quinnipiac University Polling Analyst Tim Malloy.

When voters were asked their second choice, Warren came out ahead with 20 percent, Biden got 12 percent, Sanders got 11 percent, and Buttigieg received 10 percent.

Biden continues to dominate on electability, as almost half, 46 percent, of Democratic voters and independent voters who lean Democratic view him as the candidate who has the best chance of winning against Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election, while Warren and Sanders get 10 percent each, and 6 percent say Buttigieg. In the October 24 poll, 42 percent said Biden was the most electable, while 20 percent said Warren, 14 percent said Sanders, and 2 percent said Buttigieg. While Biden’s numbers haven’t changed much on this measure, this is the biggest drop for Warren among the various candidate qualities asked about.

In today’s poll, a plurality, 35 percent, say someone who can win the general election in 2020 is the most important candidate quality in deciding who to vote for in the Democratic primary for president, with 19 percent each for “honesty” and “cares about people like you,” 18 percent saying “good leadership skills,” and 5 percent saying “intelligence.”

A plurality, 26 percent, say health care is the most important issue to their vote, while 21 percent say climate change, and 14 percent say the economy. Health care is an issue which helps Biden, as he gets the vote of 27 percent of those who list health care as their most important issue, followed by Sanders at 19 percent and Warren and Buttigieg at 14 percent each. Climate change is a good issue for Buttigieg as he gets 27 percent of those who say climate change is their most important issue, while Warren gets 18 percent, Sanders has 15 percent, and Biden receives 13 percent.

There is more support among Democratic voters and independent voters who lean Democratic for allowing people to buy into Medicare than replacing the current system with Medicare for All, although both are popular among these voters. While 71 percent of Democrats and Democratic leaners think it is a good idea to allow all adults the option of buying into Medicare, 59 percent of Democrats and Democratic leaners think it is a good idea to remove the current health care system and replace it with a single payer system.

Medicare for All has grown increasingly unpopular among all American voters, as 36 percent say it is a good idea and 52 percent say it is a bad idea. In a March 26, 2019 poll, 43 percent said good idea, while 45 percent said bad idea. The highest support came in an August 3, 2017 poll when voters said it was a good idea 51 – 38 percent.

As the Democratic candidates debate over the direction of the party, only 14 percent of Democrats and independent voters who lean Democratic say that President Obama was “not liberal enough,” while 80 percent say he was “about right.”

Joe Biden 24%
Pete Buttigieg 16%
Elizabeth Warren 14%
Bernie Sanders 13%
Michael Bloomberg 03%
Kamala Harris 03%
Andrew Yang 02%
Cory Booker 02%
Julian Castro 02%
Amy Klobuchar 03%
Michael Bennet 02%

Do you think that President Trump should be impeached and removed from office:
DEM: 86/14
GOP: 04/96
IND: 45/43

Overall: 50.1/46.2 No


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