NH: VT Senator Bernie Sanders, MA Senator Elizabeth Warren, IN Mayor Pete Buttigieg and former VP Joe Biden in a very tight race by Suffolk/Boston Globe

New Hampshire Democratic Primary: It has been decades since this many candidates have jostled for the lead so soon before a New Hampshire presidential primary. On Monday, longtime New Hampshire Secretary of State Bill Gardner officially scheduled the vote for Feb. 11.

Bernie Sanders – 16%
Elizabeth Warren – 14%
Pete Buttigieg – 13%
Joe Biden – 12%
Tulsi Gabbard – 06%
Andrew Yang – 04%
Kamala Harris – 03%
Cory Booker – 02%
Tom Steyer – 02%
Amy Klobuchar – 01%
Deval Patrick – 01%
Steve Bullock – 01%
Julian Castro – 01%
John Delaney – 01%



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