GA: Former VP Joe Biden has a strong lead over VT Senator Bernie Sanders & MA Senator Elizabeth Warren; President Donald Trump trails Biden, up with Warren but leads Harris & Buttigieg by ClimateNexus

Georgia Democratic Primary poll:

Interview Dates: November 4-10, 2019

Sample Population: 789 registered voters in Georgia.

Sample Selection: Scientific online poll – stratified sample of panel respondents.

Weighting Parameters: The sample was weighted based on the U.S. Census Bureau’s Voting and Registration Supplement to the Current Population Survey for registered voters in Georgia based on age, gender, race, and educational attainment.

Figures may or may not sum to 100% and this is due to the effects of rounding and weighting. The standard deviation of the weights was: 0.2521202. The maximum weight was: 1.6022006. The minimum weight was: 0.3937877. 95% of the weights were between 0.5600335, 1.6022006.

Margin of Error: The 95% credibility interval for this survey is +/- 3.6%, which includes the square root of the design effect (DEFT): 1.0312536.

Joe Biden 31%
Bernie Sanders 14%
Elizabeth Warren 14%
Kamala Harris 04%
Pete Buttigieg 04%
Andrew Yang 02%
Cory Booker 02%
Marianne Williamson 02%
Amy Klobuchar 01%
John Delaney 01%
Julian Castro 01%
Michael Bennet 01%
Steve Bullock 01%
Tom Steyer 01%
Tulsi Gabbard 01%

Presidential match-ups:

President Donald Trump vs former VP Joe Biden: 47/48

President Donald Trump vs. VT Senator Bernie Sanders: 48/46

President Donald Trump vs. MA Senator Elizabeth Warren: 47/47

President Donald Trump vs. CA Senator Kamala Harris: 49/44

President Donald Trump vs. IN Mayor Pete Buttigieg: 49/42


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