WI: MA Senator Elizabeth Warren has a solid lead over former Vice President Joe Biden and a strong lead over VT Senator Bernie Sanders by KFF

A series of data quality checks were run on the final data, which resulted in 40 completes being removed from the data. Weighting involved multiple stages: First, each state sample was weighted to account for the sampling methodology including the oversampling of low-educational attainment areas and to the proportions of the voter file reachable or unreachable by outbound phone-call. Second, each state’s sample was weighted to match the voter file distribution of 2016 voter status, party identification, gender, race/ethnicity, home-ownership, Metropolitan status, state region, as well as the 2018 CPS Voter Supplement for age-by-gender, educational attainment and race. To address non-response among partisans not accounted for by demographics, the weight was adjusted so that the self-reported 2016 vote in each state matched the actual state outcome. The final weight combined each state’s weight and balanced the combined total sample to state distributions. All statistical tests of significance account for the effect of weighting.



Elizabeth Warren 22%

Joe Biden 17%

Bernie Sanders 10%

Pete Buttigieg 06%

Amy Klobuchar 03%

Kamala Harris 03%

Andrew Yang 02%

Cory Booker 02%





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