MN: MA Senator Elizabeth Warren has a strong lead over MN Senator Amy Klobuchar, former Vice President Joe Biden & VT Senator Bernie Sanders by KFF

The sample was designed to reach respondents less likely to complete surveys online, by oversampling areas with a relatively low percentage of college graduates. Sample that could be matched to telephone numbers and that had not yet completed the survey online or by inbound computer-assisted telephone interview (CATI) were called by CATI interviewers to attempt to convert this sample to completed interviews. A total of 2,763 respondents completed the questionnaire online, 255 by calling in to complete, and 204 were completed as outbound CATI interviews. Data collection was carried out in English and Spanish by SSRS of Glen Mills, PA. The registered voter sample was provided by Aristotle. KFF paid for all costs associated with the survey.


Elizabeth Warren 25%

Amy Klobuchar 15%

Joe Biden 14%

Bernie Sanders 13%

Pete Buttigieg 07%

Andrew Yang 04%

Kamala Harris 01%

Cory Booker 01%





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