WY: MA Senator Elizabeth Warren has a massive lead over Andrew Yang; President Donald Trump gets a very strong job approval; voters strongly oppose the impeachment inquiry by Billings

The Montana State University Billings Poll was first conducted in 1989. This year marks a new chapter with the launch of the Mountain States Poll. The poll includes Montana, and for the first time, Wyoming, for the 32nd edition of the poll and the 30th year the poll has been conducted. This report summarizes the results of a statewide random sample of 215 adult residents of Montana and 177 adult residents of Wyoming identified as likely voters. Approximately 82 percent of the survey respondents were contacted via cellphone and 18 percent were contacted on landline telephone numbers. Randomly generated telephone lists were purchased by MSUB from Scientific Telephone Samples based in Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif.

The Mountain States Poll was conducted from October 7-12, 14, and 16, 2019, in the Market Research Lab on campus. Students enrolled in PSCI 342: Media, Public Opinion, PSCI 220: Introduction to Comparative Government, and BMKT 436: Sales and Sales Marketing served as telephone surveyors for the poll.

The margin of error for the Montana sample is 6.7 percent and the margin of error for the Wyoming sample is 7.4 percent. Various subgroups have larger margins of error. Cross- tabulation results by sex, age, education, party affiliation, and religion are included for questions related to approval ratings on a variety of items and questions regarding most Republican primary races. Subgroup cross-tabulation results are limited to age and education for most Democratic primary races due to a small sample size of respondents who indicated they would vote Democratic primaries in Montana and Wyoming. Cross-tabulation results are also not present in some questions due to small sample size of subgroups. The sample was weighted for sex, age, race, age, and education based on Census Bureau estimates of the voting-age population in Montana and Wyoming, and for party affiliation for Wyoming respondents based on data provided by the Wyoming Secretary of State’s office.

Wyoming Democratic Caucus:

Elizabeth Warren 82%
Andrew Yang 02%
Amy Klobuchar 01%
John Delaney 01%

President Donald Trump job approval in Wyoming:
DEM: 15/85
GOP: 99/01
IND: 54/46

Overall: 68.9/31.1

Do you approve or disapprove of this impeachment inquiry?
DEM: 77/23
GOP: 05/95
IND: 44/50

Overall: 67.6/30.9 Disapprove



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