MT: MA Senator Elizabeth Warren has a strong lead over former VP Joe Biden; President Donald Trump gets a strong job approval and voters strongly disapprove with the impeachment process by Montana State University

I would like to extend my thanks to everyone who participated in the Mountain States Poll this year. The poll would not have been able to be fielded without the financial assistance from the Provost’s Office. I also want to thank Brenda Dockery and Jessica Perius for their help in setting up the computers and telephone systems necessary to carry out the poll. My students in PSCI 342: Media, Public Opinion, and Polling course deserve much of the credit as they sacrificed a lot during the week in order to make phone calls. In addition, students from Dr. Adkins PSCI 220: Introduction to Comparative Government course and Jessie Perius’ BNKY: Sales and Sales Managements course also made calls for the poll. Last, but not least, is the help provided by Glenda Holbrooke, who provides administrative support for the Department of the Social Sciences and Cultural Studies.

Elizabeth Warren 40%
Joe Biden 15%
Steve Bullock 05%
Robert F. O`Rourke 05%
Amy Klobuchar 02%
Kamala Harris 02%
Pete Buttigieg 02%
Bernie Sanders 02%

President Donald Trump job approval:
DEM: 14/86
GOP: 99/01
IND: 48/52

Overall: 58.2/41.8

Do you approve or disapprove of this impeachment inquiry?
DEM: 77/23
GOP: 03/97
IND: 39/53

Overall: 61.6/36.0 Disapprove



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