IA: MA Senator Elizabeth Warren has a solid lead over IN Mayor Pete Buttigieg and VT Senator Bernie Sanders by CIVIQS/Iowa State University

Iowa Democratic Caucus:
This report contains the results of a Civiqs survey of 598 likely Democratic Caucus attendees in Iowa from October 18-22, 2019. The survey was conducted online, among selected members of the Civiqs research panel. Sampled individuals were emailed by Civiqs and responded using a personalized link to the survey at civiqs.com. Likely Democratic Caucus attendees are respondents who answered that they would “Definitely” or “Probably” attend the Iowa Democratic Caucuses scheduled for February 2020, in question 1, and who identified themselves as Democrats or Independents on a previous Civiqs survey. The order of the candidate trait questions was rotated across six versions of the questionnaire. Respondents were randomly asked about a different candidate first, on each of the six versions. The survey results are weighted by age, race, gender, education, party identification, and congressional district to be representative of the population of likely Iowa Democratic Caucus attendees. Demographic data, including self-reported party identification, was collected in previous Civiqs surveys. The general design effect due to weighting is 1.57. The survey has a margin of error of ±5.0% at the 95% confidence level, accounting for the design effect. All survey results in this report are reported as percentages

Elizabeth Warren 28 (+4 Since last Month)

Pete Buttigieg 20% (+7)

Bernie Sanders 18% (+2)

Joe Biden 12% (-4)

Amy Klobuchar 04% (+1)

Kamala Harris 03% (-2)

Tom Steyer 03% (+1)

Tulsi Gabbard 02% (-4)

Andrew Yang 02% (-1)
iowa poll

Click to access Civiqs_ISU_banner_book_2019_10.pdf


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