SC: Former VP Joe Biden maintains lead over MA Senator Elizabeth Warren and VT Senator Bernie Sanders, but some potential for shifts within black electorate by Monmouth University

South Carolina Primary:
Former Vice President Joe Biden remains the clear front-runner among likely Democratic voters in South Carolina.  The Monmouth University Poll finds little has changed in overall presidential primary support, but there is evidence that black voters’ preference for the front-runner varies significantly when age and education are taken into account.

Joe Biden 33%
Elizabeth Warren 16%
Bernie Sanders 12%
Kamala Harris 06%
Tom Steyer 04%
Pete Buttigieg 03%
Cory Booker 02%
Amy Klobuchar 02%
Andrew Yang 02%
Julian Castro 01%
John Delaney 01%
Tulsi Gabbard 01%
Robert F. O`Rourke 01%


Little Change for Dem Field


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