NC: Former VP Joe Biden has a strong led over MA Senator Elizabeth Warren; voters oppose impeachment; President Donald Trump has a small lead over Biden,Sanders and a solid lead over Buttigieg, Harris and Warren by PPP

North Carolina Democratic Primary:

Joe Biden 39%
Elizabeth Warren 22%
Pete Buttigieg 09%
Bernie Sanders 06%
Kamala Harris 03%
Andrew Yang 03%
Cory Booker 02%
Julian Castro 01%
Robert F. O’Rourke 01%

President Donald Trump job approval in North Carolina:
DEM: 14/86
GOP: 92/08
IND: 48/52

Overall: 51.0/49.0

Impeaching President Donald Trump:
DEM: 80/20
GOP: 11/89
IND: 45/50

Overall: 52.7/45.6 No

President Donald Trump vs former VP Joe Biden:
DEM: 15/85
GOP: 92/08
IND: 44/52

Overall: 50.0/48.7 Trump

President Donald Trump vs IN Mayor Pete Buttigieg:
DEM: 16/84
GOP: 93/07
IND: 44/47

Overall: 50.7/46.3 Trump

President Donald Trump vs CA Senator Kamala Harris:
DEM: 18/82
GOP: 94/06
IND: 46/46

Overall: 52.3/45.0 Trump

President Donald Trump vs VT Senator Bernie Sanders:
DEM: 16/84
GOP: 92/08
IND: 45/50

Overall: 50.7/47.7 Trump

President Donald Trump vs MA Senator Elizabeth Warren:
DEM: 16/84
GOP: 94/06
IND: 44/49

Overall: 51.0/46.7 Trump


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