National: Former VP Joe Biden’s political prospects have taken a hit and MA Senator Elizabeth Warren and VT Senator Bernie Sanders in a dead heat with President Donald Trump by IBD/TIPP

Half of Americans think President Donald Trump’s effort to get Ukraine to investigate potential 2020 election rival Joe Biden is an impeachable offense, the October IBD/TIPP Poll found. But the Ukraine scandal has yet to hurt Trump’s approval rating or 2020 election prospects. In fact, Trump cut Biden’s advantage in a head-to-head matchup nearly in half compared to the September poll. And a solid majority favors a probe of Biden and his son Despite the sudden eruption of what looks like president’s biggest scandal, Trump’s job approval rating actually rose during the month. After hitting a 7-month low of 39% in September’s IBD/TIPP Poll, Trump’s job approval climbed to 46%. Disapproval of the job Trump’s doing dipped to 54% from 55%.Overall approval of Trump firmed up amid slightly higher approval of his handling of the economy. In October’s poll, 48% gave Trump positive marks vs. 46% in September. A steady 39% disapproved of his handling of the economy. Trump’s efforts to get Ukraine to investigate Biden and his son Hunter’s dealings in the country appear to be aimed at weakening the Democrat best positioned to beat him in the 2020 election.

Biden still led Trump, 51%-44%, in the October IBD/TIPP Poll. But his advantage narrowed from 54%-42% in September. Among independents, Biden’s lead narrowed to just 1 point (46%-45%) from 18 points (55%-37%). In a head-to-head matchup vs. Trump, Elizabeth Warren led Trump 48% to 46% after leading 49%-46% a month earlier. Trump now leads Warren 49%-43% among independents, after trailing 45%-47% a month earlier. Self-described investors still favor Biden over Trump 49%-47%, but that’s down from 54%-43%. They narrowly favor Trump over Sanders (48%-45%) and Warren (49%-45%), who have both touted wealth taxes in recent weeks.
Even worse for the former vice president, the IBD/TIPP Poll found 57%-37% support for a Biden probe, specifically a Justice Department investigation of Joe Biden and his son regarding their actions in Ukraine and China. Hunter Biden also had ties with an investment firm that raised funds in China.



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