National: Former VP Joe Biden has a strong lead over MA Senator Elizabeth Warren and VT Senator Bernie Sanders; voters slightly against to start an impeachment process and slightly disapprove with President Donald Trump overall by Morning Consult

Who do you trust on the economy???
DEM: 77/15
GOP: 96/04
IND: 48/25 GOP

Overall: 52.0/36.8   GOP

Who do you trust on jobs???
DEM: 76/24
GOP: 95/05
IND: 46/28 GOP

Overall: 54.3/37.6   GOP

Who do you trust on immigration???
DEM: 79/12
GOP: 94/06
IND: 42/31 GOP

Overall: 48.4/40.0   GOP

Who do you trust on national security???
DEM: 71/17
GOP: 97/03
IND: 49/22 GOP

Overall: 53.3/33.3  GOP

Who do you trust on gun control???
DEM: 77/21
GOP: 93/07
IND: 43/31 GOP

Overall: 51.6/39.6   GOP

Should Congress  begin impeachment proceedings to remove President Trump from office?
DEM: 80/20
GOP: 09/91
IND: 43/39

Overall: 49.3/45.1

President Donald Trump job approval:
DEM: 11/89
GOP: 93/07
IND: 43/57

Overall: 48.0/52.0

National DEM Primary:
Joe Biden: 32% (nc)
Elizabeth Warren: 21% (+1)
Bernie Sanders: 19% (nc)
Kamala Harris: 06% (nc)
Pete Buttigieg: 05% (nc)
Robert F. O`Rourke: 03% (nc)
Cory Booker: 03% (nc)
Andrew Yang: 03% (nc)
Amy Klobuchar: 01% (nc)
Steve Bullock: 01% (nc)
Julian Castro: 01% (nc)
John Delaney: 01% (nc)
Tulsi Gabbard: 01% (nc)
Tom Steyer: 01% (nc)
Michael Bennet: 01% (nc)
Marianne Williamson: 01% (nc)
Tim Ryan: 01% (nc)



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