FL: Former VP Joe Biden has a strong lead over MA Senator Elizabeth Warren & VT Senator Bernie Sanders; President Donald Trump gets a solid job approval and has small leads over Biden, Warren, Sanders and Harris by FAU

Florida Democratic Primary:


  • Biden leads both males (38% of the vote) and females (31%).
  • Sanders leads with voters under 29 with 40% of the vote while Biden is at 17% and Warren 15%.
  • Biden’s strength is with voters over 50 taking nearly 57% of the vote from these older voters.
  • Biden has a strong base of support with 67% of his voters saying they will definitely stick with him, Sanders voters are at 52% while Warren voters appear to still be looking with 33% saying they plan to stick with her.

Joe Biden: 34.0%
Elizabeth Warren: 23.8%
Bernie Sanders: 14.4%
Pete Buttigieg: 05.2%
Kamala Harris: 04.4%
Wayne Messam: 03.1%
Roberto O`Rourke: 01.6%
Andrew Yang: 01.5%
Tulsi Gabbard: 01.4%
Bill de Blasio: 01.2%
Tim Ryan: 01.1%
Cory Booker: 00.9%
Steve Bullock: 00.9%
Michael Bennet: 00.6%
Tom Steyer: 00.2%

President Donald Trump job approval: 54.5/45.5

President Donald Trump 50.1%
MA Senator Elizabeth Warren 49.9%

President Donald Trump 50.5%
former VP Joe Biden 49.5%

President Donald Trump 50.5%
VT Senator Bernie Sanders 49.5%

President Donald Trump 52%
CA Senator Kamala Harris 48%


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