National: A 3-way lead as Dem 2020 picture shifts: VT Senator Bernie Sanders and MA Senator Elizabeth Warren rise while former VP Joe Biden drops by Monmouth

National Democratic Primary: Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, and former Vice President Joe Biden are currently bunched together in the national Democratic presidential preference contest. Movement in the latest Monmouth University Poll – positive for Warren and Sanders, negative for Biden – suggests the 2020 presidential nomination process may be entering a volatile stage.  The poll results also suggest that liberal voters are starting to take a closer look at a wider range of candidates, while moderates are focusing on those with the highest name recognition.  Another key finding that could contribute to growing volatility in the race is confusion over “Medicare for All.” Most say support for this policy is an important factor in choosing a Democratic nominee, but voters actually prefer a public option over a single payer plan.

Bernie Sanders 20%
Elizabeth Warren 20%
Joe Biden 19%
Kamala Harris 08%
Cory Booker 04%
Pete Buttigieg 04%
Andrew Yang 03%
Julian Castro 02%
Robert F. O’Rourke 02%
Marianne Williamson 02%
Bill de Blasio 01%
Tulsi Gabbard 01%
Amy Klobuchar 01%
Democratic candidates


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