NV: Joe Biden has a strong lead over MA Senator Elizabeth Warren & CA Senator Kamala Harris; President Donald Trump has a strong job approval but trails Biden, Harris & Sanders, has a narrow lead over Warren & solid leads over Booker, Buttigieg & Williamson by Gravis

Nevada Democratic Caucus:
Joe Biden 25%
Elizabeth Warren 15%
Bernie Sanders 10%
Kamala Harris 09%
Tom Steyer 06%
Pete Buttigieg 05%
Cory Booker 03%
Tulsi Gabbard 02%
Andrew Yang 02%
Amy Klobachar 02%
Michael Bennett 02%
Bill  de Blasio 02%
Kirsten Gillibrand 01%
John Deleany 01%
Julian Castro 01%
Steve Bullock 01%
Tim Ryan 01%

Nevada Presidential match-ups:
President Donald Trump job approval:
Female (52%): 52.9/47.1
Male (48%):  57.9/42.1

Overall: 55.3/44.7

President Donald Trump vs TX Author Marianne Williamson:
Female: 47.6/38.3
Male: 48.6/41.4

Overall: 48.1/39.7 Trump

President Donald Trump vs NJ Senator Cory Booker:
Female: 45.0/45.0
Male: 46.8/43.0

Overall: 45.9/44.0 Trump

President Donald Trump vs VT Senator Bernie Sanders:
Female: 43.8/46.9
Male: 45.3/47.7

Overall: 47.2/44.5 Sanders

President Donald Trump vs former VP Joe Biden:
Female: 36.4/56.3
Male: 49.8/41.6

Overall: 49.2/42.8 Biden

President Donald Trump vs MA Elizabeth Warren:
Female: 47.4/44.2
Male: 45.7/48.5

Overall: 46.6/46.2 Trump

President Donald Trump vs IN Mayor Pete Buttigieg:
Female: 46.4/42.4
Male: 46.4/40.6

Overall: 46.4/41.5 Trump

President Donald Trump vs CA Senator Kamala Harris:
Female: 45.3/45.0
Male: 43.8/44.5

Overall: 44.7/44.6 Harris



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