NV: Joe Biden is slipping but still lead Bernie Sanders by a solid margin and has a strong lead over Elizabeth Warren & Kamala Harris by Morning Consult

Former Vice-President Joe Biden has lost ground in Nevada during the last two months, but still leads Sen. Bernie Sanders by a small margin, according to results obtained by Morning Consult.
Senators. Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris have both emerged from single digits here, the only Democratic presidential contenders besides Biden and Sanders to do so.

Democratic Caucus:

Joe Biden: 29%
Bernie Sanders 23%
Elizabeth Warren 11.5%
Kamala Harris 10.5%
Pete Buttigieg, 06%
Cory Booker 03%
Robert F. O’Rourke 03%
Andrew Yang 03%
Julian Castro 02%
Steve Bullock 01%
Amy Klobuchar 01%
Tom Steyer 01%
Bill de Blasio 01%
Tim Ryan 01%




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