SC: Joe Biden holds a large edge over Kamala Harris; Bernie Sanders & Elizabeth Warren by Monmouth

Former Vice President Joe Biden is the clear front-runner among likely Democratic primary voters in South Carolina in the first Monmouth University Poll here for the 2020 cycle.  Biden has majority support among African American voters, a group that is significantly less liberal than white voters in the Democratic electorate.Biden has widespread support among black voters (51%), a group that makes up more than 6-in-10 likely primary voters.  His support among white voters (24%) is less than half that level.  Among the top five candidates, two earn significantly higher support among white voters than black voters: Warren (21% white and 2% black) and Buttigieg (11% white and 1% black). The remaining candidates draw equal support from both groups: Harris (12% white and 12% black) and Sanders (10% white and 10% black).Biden has slightly higher support among men (45%) than women (36%). The same is true for Harris (16% men and 9% women).  However, women (23%) are much more likely than men (7%) to say they have no candidate preference at this stage of the race.Biden also does significantly better among moderate to conservative voters (48%) than he does among self-described liberals (27%).  This finding, though, correlates with the fact that black voters (76%) in South Carolina are more likely than white voters (43%) to see themselves more as centrists.

South Carolina Democratic Primary:

Joe Biden 39%
Kamala Harris 12%
Bernie Sanders 10%
Elizabeth Warren 09%
Pete Buttigieg 05%
Cory Booker 02%
Tom Steyer 02%
Michael Bennet 01%
Amy Klobuchar 01%
Robert F. O’Rourke 1%



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