CA: Kamala Harris up as Joe Biden fades; Elizabeth Warren leads on best ideas; Joe Biden leads on beating President Trump by Quinnipiac

California Democrats catch the national wave as native daughter Kamala Harris leaps from promising contender to prominent player putting her neck and neck with former Vice President Joseph Biden,” said Tim Malloy, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll.

“But who do California Democrats pick as the best candidate to take on President Donald Trump?

“Hands down, it’s Biden.”

If Sen. Kamala Harris becomes the Democratic presidential nominee, 68% of California Democrats say they would be excited.

Sen. Warren as the nominee excites 65% of California Democrats, with 58% excited by the thought of Biden as the nominee and 55% excited by the thought of Sanders as the standard-bearer.

California Democratic Primary:

Harris 23%
Biden 21%
Sanders 18%
Warren 16%
Buttigieg 03%
Yang 02%
Booker 01%
Castro 01%
Inslee 01%
O’Rourke 01%

President Donald Trump job approval:
DEM: 08/92
GOP: 91/09
IND: 39761

Overall: 36.4/63.6


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