National: 75% of republicans think President Donald Trump likely to defeat any democratic challenger by Rasmussen

Seventy-five percent (75%) of Republican voters believe it really doesn’t matter who the Democrats nominate because none of them will beat Donald Trump in next year’s election. The latest poll found that view is shared by 18% of Democrats and 39% of Independent voters.

On the other hand, 49% of Democratic voters say it really doesn’t matter who the Democrats nominate because any of them will beat the president. Twenty-four percent (24%) of Republicans agree. So do 34% of Independent voters.

Among all voters, 41% believe that none of the Democrats running will beat the president while 36% believe any of them will do so.

The survey also found that 48% believe the large number of Democrats running hurts the Democrats’ chances of defeating President Trump next year. Twenty percent (20%) say it will help while 32% are not sure.

Among Democrats, 41% think the large field of candidates hurts their party’s chances. Thirty percent (30%) believe it helps.

Other data from the survey shows that 23% of voters are following the race for the Democratic nomination Very Closely. Most could not identify either the candidate who just entered the race or the candidate who just left.  Sixty-three percent (63%) correctly identified Joe Biden as the current leader in the polls.

In addition to leading the polls, Biden has the highest favorability ratings of any Democratic hopeful. He also  leads all Democratic candidates in terms of Social Media support.



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