National: Joe Biden extends lead in democratic primary, President Trump closes the gap against the democrats by Emerson

The first Democratic debate has shaken up the race for the Democratic nomination. Compared to June’s national poll, former Vice President Joe Biden extended his lead, Sen. Bernie Sanders lost ground, Sen. Kamala Harris doubled her support, and Sen. Elizabeth Warren held steady.

National Democratic Primary:

Joe Biden: 30%
Bernie Sanders: 15%
Kamala Harris: 15%
Elizabeth Warren: 15%
Pete Buttigieg: 05%
Robert F. O`Rourke: 04%
Andrew Yang: 03%
Tulsi Gabbard: 02%
Cory Booker: 02%
Michael Bennet: 01%
Amy Klobuchar: 01%
Mike Gravel: 01%
Steve Bullock: 01%
Jay Inslee: 01%

Presidential match-ups: President Donald Trump job approval: 52/48

President Donald Trump vs former VP Joe Biden: 47/53

President Donald Trump vs IN Mayor Pete Buttigieg: 51/49

President Donald Trump vs CA Senator Kamala Harris: 51/49

President Donald Trump vs VT Senator Bernie Sanders: 49/51

President Donald Trump  vs MA Senator Elizabeth Warren: 51/49



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