National: Voters split about President Trump but trust the GOP more about economy, jobs, immigration and national security by Morning Consult

Do you think the country is on the right or wrong track?
Right: 40.1%
Wrong: 59.9%

Who do you trust more to handle each of the following issues???
Economy: DEM: 37.0%     GOP: 43.2%
Jobs: DEM: 36.6%     GOP: 44.6%
Health Care: DEM: 43.3%      GOP: 36.2%
Immigration: DEM: 37.9%     GOP: 43.6%
Environment: DEM: 48.4%     GOP: 29.2%
Energy: DEM: 43.1%     GOP: 34.7%
Education: DEM: 44.6%     GOP: 34.4%
National Security: 33.8%     GOP: 46.6%

Do you approve/disapprove of the job President Donald Trump is doing???
DEM: 15/81
GOP: 81/16
IND: 36/53

Overall: 43.3/50.8%



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