OH: President Trump has a strong job approval, Senatorial candidate Mandel leads Senator Brown strongly and Portman is the most popular politician but Governor Kasich remains unpopular by PPD

Senator Portman is one of the most popular politicians PPD has polled this year to date. 59% of likely voters in Ohio approve of the job he is doing in the U.S. Senate, while just 36% disapprove. Governor Kasich’s approval rating is at just 43/51, down from 47% in May!

In the 2018 Senatorial race Josh Mandel expanding his lead over incumbent Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown in Ohio. In May, the state treasurer led 49% to 44%, but that 5-point advantage has now widened to 8 points, 50% to 42%. Independents break for the state treasurer by a large 51% to 39% margin, up from 47% to 43% in May. Moderates, which backed Sen. Brown 54% to 40% in the previous PPD Poll, now prefer the incumbent by only 6 points, 49% to 43%.

President Trump job approval:

DEM: 12/83
GOP: 92/05
IND: 55/39

Overall: 54.1/41.4



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