WI: Voters disapprove with President Trump but undecided about Paul Ryan and Scott Walker by Marquette

Speaker Paul Ryan has a 44/44 favorable

Senator Tammy Baldwin has a 38/38 job approval

Senator Johnson has a 39/32 job approval

President Donald Trump is honest: 35/59

President trump cares about people like me: 40/55

President Trump shows good judgement: 34/61

43% say Democrat opposition is keepeing President Trump gettings things done

President Trump is keeping hispromises: 49/47

64% of GOP, 02% of Dems and 34% of Independents approve of withdrawing fro Paris accord! Overall: 33.3/54

63% if GOP, 02% of Dems and 19% of Independents favor repeal/replace of ObamaCare but only 06% favor keeping current law, 54% keep&improve and 27% repeal&replace

President Donald Trump job approval: 41.6/51.6

DEM: 03/95
GOP: 85/08
IND: 36/52
President Trump receives his strongest support in the Green Bay media market, where 51% approve and 40% disapprove. His second-strongest region, with 47% approval and 43% disapproval, is in the northern and western portions of the state.




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