National: President Trump trails Biden,Sanders but leads Booker, Franken and Warren for 2020 by PPP

PPP took an early look ahead to 2020 and how Trump would match up right now against some hypothetical Democratic opponents for reelection.
President Donald Trump national job approval:
DEM: 11/86
GOP: 80/10
IND: 41/50
All: 43.1/49.7
President 2020:
Donald Trump against Joe Biden:
DEM: 09/87
GOP: 81/11
IND: 43/50
All: 43.3/50.4
Donald Trump against Corey Booker:
DEM: 11/77
GOP: 84/7
IND: 44/40
All: 45.3/42.4
Donald Trump against Al Franken
DEM: 09/79
GOP: 82/06
IND: 45/40
All: 44.3/42.8
Donald Trump against Bernie Sanders:
DEM: 07/84
GOP: 83/11
IND: 47/47
All: 44.5/48.4
Donald Trump against Elizabeth Warren:
DEM: 09/82
GOP: 85/07
IND: 49/39
All: 46.5/43.9

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