My thoughts about President Donald Trump’s speech

The Dow jumped 200 points after his speech. I thought he balanced his speech well between providing substance, promoting unity, and sticking to his promises.

President Trump said everything he needed to say, including the promised funding to improve infrastructure, reaffirming our committment to NATO, and taking on ISIS.

The problem last night was the Democrats. Most Democratic women in congress wore white to promote women’s rights….I recall another group of people throughout U.S. history who wore white to promote a particular demographic but they also wore hoods!

Then there were the two democrats who didn’t stand up to applaud for the young lady who had Pompe Disease, simply for the sake of protesting President Trump. That was just wrong.

Democrats did themselves no favors last night. I still say the worst moment for them was booing Trump when he said he would stop criminal aliens from murdering American citizens.

In short President Trump gets an A.

The Congressional Republicans get a solid B and the Democrats get an F-.

Last night was a win for the Republicans.


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