National: Voters are strong approve with Trump on jobs, economy and terrorism but split overall by Reuters

Generally speaking, would you say things in this country are heading in the right direction, or are they off on the wrong track???
DEM: 15/72
GOP: 55/34
IND: 27/55

All: 31.9/54.2
What is the most important problem facing the US today???
Economy. 17%
Terrorism: 13%
HealthCare: 13%
Jobs: 10%
Immigration: 10%

Job approval with President Trump on
Economy: 53/37
Terrorism: 51/36
HealthCare: 48/41
Jobs: 56/34
Immigration: 49/45
Taxes: 47/38
Trade: 48/40
Corruption: 46/42
Dealing with Congress: 47/43
Unify the country: 47/45
Foreign policy: 46/44
President Donald Trump Job approval:
DEM: 20/78
GOP: 83/16
IND: 39/52

All: 46.7/49.4



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