TX: Most voters are approve now with President Trump by UT/TT

Texas Republicans have rallied strongly around President Donald Trump in the first weeks of his administration. Texas Democrats had just as strong a reaction — in the other direction! Texans’ views of Vice President Mike Pence more or less mirror their opinions of Trump: 42% view him favorably, 40% unfavorably. Among Republicans, 79% have favorable views of Pence. Among Democrats, 74% have unfavorable views of him. Independents were more negative than positive about the Veep: 29% have favorable views, while 44% said their opinions were negative. About half of the respondents said Donald Trump does not have the temperament to be president and do not think he is honest and trustworthy. That’s an improvement over what they said in the October 2016 UT/TT Poll, when only a third of Texans said he was honest, trustworthy and had the temperament to be the country’s top elected official.

President Donald Trump job approval:
DEM: 08/83
GOP: 81/10
IND: 39/36

All: 46/39.8





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