AR: Donald Trump has a strong job approval and a strong majority supports his temporarily refugee ban by TB&P

There is little variation in Trump’s approval numbers by age or gender. The absence of a gender gap on Trump’s performance is another deviation from national patterns. Unsurprisingly, Trump’s high approval score is driven by white Arkansans (who approve of Trump’s first weeks at a 65% clip); non-white Arkansans are more lukewarm of his performance. Also unsurprising are the partisan patterns in Trump’s approval numbers. Over nine in ten Republicans approve of Trump’s job so far, a plurality of independents (48%) approve of it, and less than a quarter of Democrats give Trump positive marks. It is notable that Trump is performing slightly better among Democrats in Arkansas, compared to single digit numbers nation!

Do you support or oppose President Trump’s travel ban?

61% Support the Trump travel ban
34% Oppose the Trump travel ban

President Donald Trump (R):

60% Approve
35% Disapprove

Governor  Asa Hutchinson (R):

53% Approve
30% Disapprove



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