IA: Voters more approve of VP Mike Pence as of President Donald Trump by DMR

Donald Trump won IA by 09% with a 39/59 favorability! but won the Independents 51/38 so his approval numbers improved but losing with Independents for now!
Beyond his wide support among Republicans, Trump enjoys strong approval ratings from rural voters (64%), evangelical Christians (60%), residents of Iowa’s 4th Congressional District (55%), Iowans ages 35-54 (51%) and men (50%).

VP Mike Pence job approval: 50.9/37.3
DEM: 16/72
GOP: 90/04
IND: 44/39

President Donald Trump job approval: 44.6/47.6
DEM: 10/86
GOP: 82/10
IND: 39/50




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