WV: Voters mixed about the new Governor but strongly approve about President Donald Trump by Orion Strategies

A new survey found a turnaround in opinion in the direction West Virginia is going.

An Orion Strategies poll earlier this month found 42 percent of residents in West Virginia believe things in the state are headed in the right direction while 37 percent believe they are not. Last year’s poll taken around the same time and issues said 18 percent believed the state was moving in the right direction, the lowest number in 10 years of asking that question by Orion Strategies.

“By doing these polls on a regular basis, we’re able to compare numbers from year to year and see how the mood of the electorate changes,” Curtis Wilkerson of Orion Strategies said. “We have incorporated a significant number of demographics in our sample to ensure that it is a statistical match for West Virginia’s voting population – gender, age, geography, party – to see what voters are really feeling about these important issues.”

The telephone survey of likely voters was conducted Feb. 2-4 and involved 600 respondents who completed the entire survey.

A year ago, a slim majority, 44 to 43 percent, believed the coal industry would be no better off after President Barack Obama. The most recent survey found 58 percent believe the industry will rebound under President Donald Trump.

On questions about Gov. Jim Justice, who took office in January, 37 percent gave him a positive rating, 22 percent a negative rating and 41 percent were unsure. The survey was taken prior to the governor’s state of the state speech on Wednesday when he announced fee and tax increases along with spending reductions to balance the budget.

President Donald Trump job approval:

58% approve
37% disapprove

Gov. Jim Justice (D):

37% approve
22% disapprove




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