National: Trump administration seen as more truthful than news media, President Trump has a slightly positive job approval by Emerson

The Trump administration is more trusted than news media among voters.  The administration is considered truthful by 49% and untruthful by 48% but the news media is less trustes with 53% untruthful and just 39% finding it honest!

Republicans approve of Trump 89%/5%, while Democrats disapprove of the President by a margin of 81% to 17%. Trump’s failure to pass the 50% threshold for approval can be accredited to his standing among independents, who disapprove of him 52%/42%.

Donald Trump: 48.5/46.9

Betsy DeVos: 51/34

Jeff Sessions: 45/40

Rex Tillerson: 48/33

Neil Gorsuch: 52/32 and 39% would pick him over Merrick Garland with 29%

Kellyanne Conway: 39/45

Generic congresional ballot: Dems 48/45




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