National: Strong majority for the refugee ban, split about job approval and build a wall by YouGov/Economist

Bring back waterboarding:
favor 32.6%
oppose 40.5%

Build a wall on the Mexico border
favor 41.6%
oppose 43.1%

A federal government hiring freeze, excepting only military and security personnel

favor 43.3%
oppose 31.7%


Stop government grants to cities that provide services to illegal immigrants
favor 49.6%
oppose 34.4%

Build the Dakota Access pipeline
favor 38%
oppose 36%

Move the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem
favor 27%
oppose 26.3%

Reduce the number of refugees the US accepts to 50,000
favor 48.1%
oppose 28.8% (Independents 45/21)

Stop admitting Syrian refugees entirely
favor 39.5%
oppose 35.7%

Stop admitting all refugees to the US for four months
favor 40%
oppose 38.2% (Independents 41/30)

90 day ban on people entering the US from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen
favor 49.7%
oppose 31.2% (Independents 46/26)

Job approval: 44.5/43.3

DEM: 13/81
GOP: 83/11

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