President Donald Trumps first week

Day 7 of Donald Trump’s presidency:
Reopened Nafta to renegotiate it to bring jobs back,
Pulled out of TPP,
Build on the wall,
Signed lobby restrictions,
Reorganized the National Security Council,
Strip funds from US cities that are sanctuaries for undocumented immigrants,
Met with the GB PM and rebuild a new alliance,
Reopened the pipelines,
Signed order banning Syrian refugees, Blocked all entries from 7 majority-Muslim nations,
Banned funding to international health groups supporting abortion
Freezed all hiring of federal government employees,
Met with several CEO’s,
Met with major union leaders to work on investments and job growth within our borders,
Announced major punishment in the form of a border tax to any business that leaves the US and tries to let its product flow back across the border,
Announced major tax cut proposals for the middle class and for companies that stay here.



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