National: Donald Trump more favorable by Morning Consult

Trump 48% favorable 46% unfavorable

Trump favorability margin by region:
Midwest: -3
Northeast: -4
South: +9
West: 0

Trump favorability margin by race:
whites: +13
blacks: -55
Hispanics: -11

Trump favorability margin by income:
under $50k: -4
$50-100k: +13
over $100k: +11

Which of the following should be the top priority for President-elect Donald Trump??

26% Repealing ObamaCare

23% Improving job creation

12% Tax reform bill

10% Infrastructure spending bill

07% Trade deals with other countries



3 thoughts on “National: Donald Trump more favorable by Morning Consult

  1. Only 26% want Obamacare repealed. You do realize that many who wanted Obamacare repealed and been very vocal about it, did not realize that Obamacare and the ACA are the same thing?? I have shown many this is true and they now realize they just asked to have their own insurance, that they totally love, is now going to be repealed. The Republican Party named it Obamacare as a slam to Obama and the people didn’t know the official name of the law. Are you being vindictive to Obama at the expense of the people who need the help the most? Why doesn’t congress give up their health insurance until and if you restore the ACA or replace it with something better? You make more from Congress than most of us see in 17 years. You have no idea how hard it is just to survive. Feel free to contact me. I will happily answer any questions. I have ideas on fixing the ACA if you don’t have any ideas on a replacement plan. Is it really worth taking insurance away to try to make Obama look bad?


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