Biden, Sanders and Warren are the early favourites for 2020 by PPP

PPP’s newest national poll finds Democrats sending mixed messages when it comes to their 2020 Presidential candidate.
On one hand they say they want a younger candidate, one who’s never run for President. 57% of Democrats say they want their candidate to be under the age of 60, and 77% say they want their candidate to be under the age of 70. Only 8% actually want a candidate who’s in their 70s, with another 15% expressing no opinion in regards to the age of their candidate.
Beyond wanting a younger candidate, only 25% of Democrats say they want their candidate in 2020 to be someone who has run for President before. 41% would prefer someone who’s never run before, and 34% say they’re not sure one way or the other.
But despite saying that they generically want a younger candidate who hasn’t run for President before, the top 2 choices of Democrats for 2020 at this very early stage are…people in their 70s who have run for President before.
Joe Biden: 31%
Bernie Sanders: 24%
Elizabeth Warren: 16%
Cory Booker: 04%
Al Franken and Kirsten Gillibrand: 03%
Sherrod Brown and Andrew Cuomo: 02%
Julian Castro: 01%
Biden (27%), Sanders (25%), and Warren (23%) all have pretty similar levels of support with white voters. What gives Biden a broader advantage is a substantial lead with African Americans- he gets 45% with them to 21% for Sanders, and 6% for Warren. Sanders retains the edge he had this year with younger voters, getting 35% among those under 45 to 31% for Biden and 10% for Warren. Biden leads overall due to being especially strong with seniors, among whom he gets 35% to 19% for Warren, and 14% for Sanders.

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