Donald Trump with better numbers in his home state of NY by Siena

Donald Trump numbers has improved by around 10% in his own home state of New York!

Donald Trump favorability 41/53% for -12%

fav/unfav %:
Schumer 67/23% for +44%
Obama 63/33% for +30%
Gillibrand 51/22% for +29%
Cuomo 56/36% for +20%
Pence 41/40% for +1%
de Blasio 35/45% for -10%
Trump 41/53% for -12%

Among Democrats only:
Cuomo 70/23% for +47%
Gillibrand 60/13% for +47%
de Blasio 52/32% for +20%

While Cuomo’s +20 in favorability, his job approval is rather weak, and voters are split on whether he should be reelected:

How would you rate the job Andrew Cuomo is doing as governor?
excellent 7%
good 37%
fair 37%
poor 17%

If Andrew Cuomo runs for reelection in two years, would you vote for him or someone else?
Cuomo 47%
someone else 44%

Do you think Governor Cuomo should consider running for the Democratic nomination for president in 2020?
yes 44%
no 49%

[Among Democrats only:]
yes 55%
no 39%



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