Donald Trump reaches his first major deal as President Elect

President-elect Donald Trump has officially struck his first major deal and he has not even been inaugurated yet. Carrier, who makes air conditioning units, earlier this year announced they were moving 1,000 jobs to Mexico in order to save millions in labor costs. Those jobs will now be staying in Indianapolis and there must be a bunch of people sighing a big sigh of relief over it this morning. United Technologies Corp., Carrier’s parent company, reached the deal with Donald Trump and this is one promise he gets to keep.

And I’m pretty sure that Trump finagled this with a carrot that he was willing to take away from Carrier if they didn’t play ball. They are a major defense contractor and billions of dollars in military contracts were at stake. And magic presto… Carrier had a change of heart on the Indianapolis job scene. Looks like Trump is putting his negotiation skills to work early. Carrier didn’t want to tick Trump off… they couldn’t afford to.


Trump Reaches His First MAJOR Deal as President Elect


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