My thoughts on the recount case!

The Clinton machine the biggest liar tries now to steal an election. This election wasn`t close like 2000. Hillary lost everywhere and in many states in historical ways except CA TX and UT!!!
Does really someone believe that in a deep blue state like MI PA or WI it would work favoring Trump??? NOPE! If something went wrong there than in Killarys direction like  it happened 2012 in PA when Obama got more as 100% in a few districts!
And why only recount it these three close states of Trump and not in the close states of Hillary like NH or NV???
Sure suddenly after 3 weeks you get this idea of a recount!!!
MI had recounts already and there were no election computers used!
IF The Clinton Machine steals this election (Saudi-Arabia, Scientology, Wallstreet. Neocons) we`ll have a new civil war.
We the people won`t let this happen!!!



One thought on “My thoughts on the recount case!

  1. As a former Democrat I can say this…..THEY ARE PISS POOR LOSERS. (pardon the expression)
    I have NEVER met a Democrat that loses gracefully. To lose is to lose face as the Japanese say. Being a Republican now I have learned that it is not whether or not you win or lose the game but HOW you play it.


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